Auto Insurance to Help Protect Against Winter-Related Accidents

Winter weather is here, that also means that icy roads and hazardous driving conditions are also here. Protect yourself and your vehicle from hefty costs due to winter-related driving accidents by getting auto insurance that covers winter accidents.

Here are the things to know about winter-related accidents and auto insurance.

What Car Repairs are Covered by Insurance?

Winter driving conditions can result in a variety of automotive issues, such as losing control and colliding with a guardrail or having snow and ice-laden tree branches fall on your car. These problems are covered by collision and comprehensive insurance.

  • If you collide with another vehicle or something else, like a power pole, collision coverage will cover the cost of the repairs. 
  • When it comes to weather-related damage, comprehensive coverage covers falling objects (like tree branches) and windshield chips that turn into major cracks in freezing temperatures. Other issues including car theft, vandalism, fire, floods, and collisions with animals like deer are all covered by comprehensive insurance.

Insurance Coverage if You Are Responsible for the Accident

Your liability auto insurance will pay for the costs of other people’s property damage and medical expenses, as well as a legal defense and settlements in the event that you are sued. This coverage applies if you lose control of your car and hurt or injure someone else.

If you cause a significant accident, the minimum may not be sufficient. For instance, New York requires a minimum of $25,000 in bodily injury coverage per person, $50,000 in accident-related bodily injury coverage, and $10,000 in property damage coverage. That won’t help you much if you cause an accident that results in several injuries. If you don’t have enough auto insurance, you risk being held liable. We recommend getting liability insurance above your state’s minimum requirements.

Insurance Specifically for Winter-Related Accidents

The best auto insurance plans provide add-ons that let you further tailor your coverage. For drivers who may experience winter car issues, the following useful coverage kinds are listed.

  • Problems like being caught in the snow or frigid temperatures that drain your battery may be covered by this insurance. Roadside assistance is often available as an add-on to a car insurance policy, through an auto club like AAA, or through your credit card.
  • Vehicle insurance for rental reimbursement. Rental reimbursement insurance will help cover the cost of a rental automobile while your car is being repaired for an issue covered by your policy, such as an auto accident.

Ready To Purchase Auto Insurance?

If you are ready to purchase auto insurance to help protect yourself in winter weather related driving accidents, Panichelle Insurance can help. Contact us today to speak to one of our expert staff members to find the right auto insurance policy for you.

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