Why Home Insurance is Important During the Holidays

Christmas is a particularly dangerous time of year. In addition to being more prone to accidents, you run a higher risk of becoming a victim of crime.

You must ensure that your house insurance policy is configured properly if you want to reduce the risk to you and your family. We have provided a list of things to be wary of throughout this holiday season.

Greater Fire Risk

Did you know that the holiday season is one of the most common times of the year for house fires? Items like candles and electronic decorations are things you might extinguish have a high risk of starting a fire.

To avoid a fire this Christmas, make sure you take all reasonable precautions. Never leave a candle burning unattended, and switch off Christmas lights when nobody is around to watch them.

Accidents do occur, even if you exercise caution. You most likely have one or two boxes of Christmas decorations that you utilize each year, like the majority of households. However, how long have you been using the same holiday lights?

Old Christmas lights burn out every year. You should assess your decorations this year. If you have any old lights, you should consider replacing them. Make sure your homeowner’s insurance has you appropriately insured in the event of a house fire. Even when you’ve done all the required precautions to avoid them, fires can still occur.

Heightened Chance of Criminal Activity

Christmas is a season of generosity and goodwill, but sadly, not everyone understands this. It’s important for you to be aware that criminals view Christmas as a fantastic opportunity. 

Over the holidays, it’s likely that you will travel to see relatives. This offers the ideal opportunity for a burglary. Before breaking in, burglars spend a lot of time obtaining information about a property. Don’t make their job simple by listing all the modern appliances in your home. Make your home appear occupied if you must leave it for an extended period of time to visit friends or family. You might, for instance, have your lights set on a timer.

Holiday Mishaps

Numerous incidents involving Christmas trees occur every year. The harm caused by these mishaps can be severe. Accidents are more likely to occur during the holiday season because of the widespread use of alcohol and items like candles and Christmas lights.

Despite your best efforts, sometimes certain situations are simply beyond your control. Your TV might be knocked over by an overexcited child, and a hyperactive animal might knock over a candle. If you want to avoid a disaster this holiday season, be sure your home insurance coverage covers unintentional damage to your home and possessions.

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard

People have the misfortune of learning every year that their home insurance is inadequate to protect them in the event of a Christmas accident or holiday theft.

Avoid being surprised this holiday season! Make sure you clearly define what your insurance will and will not cover for you. For assistance with your home insurance, get in touch with Panichelle Insurance, and make sure to update your insurance plan.

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