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Panichelle Insurance is your trusted destination for comprehensive insurance services. Whether you need coverage for your auto, home, life, or business, we have a range of policies to suit your unique needs.

With over 31 years of experience, our team of insurance specialists is dedicated to providing you with the best protection possible. We are thrilled to announce that we are now the proud owners of R&R Insurance of Greensburg, and we remain committed to insuring all your weekend toys.

Give us a call today or visit our office to explore your options and secure the peace of mind you deserve.


31 Years Of Experience

With 31 years of experience, we are your insurance specialist, ready to help get you protected today. We are now proud owners of R&R Insurance of Greensburg and proud to continue to insure all of your weekend toys.


Serving Multiple Locations

The business has expanded its reach by establishing multiple locations in different areas, including Murrysville, Latrobe, New Alexandria, and Indiana. This strategic move allows the company to cater to a broader customer base while increasing its presence and brand recognition in diverse markets.



In addition to providing comprehensive auto insurance coverage, the company also offers a wide range of insurance products and services to meet various needs, such as home insurance, life insurance, and commercial insurance solutions. With this diverse portfolio, customers can benefit from a one-stop-shop approach for all their insurance requirements, ensuring peace of mind and comprehensive protection.

Eric WiedeburgEric Wiedeburg
16:33 28 Feb 23
Truly top notch customer service!!! If your in the market for life insurance I highly recommend giving Robin a call!!
Andy PanizziAndy Panizzi
17:22 23 Feb 23
I recently purchased financial/life insurance through Panichelle for my wife, son, and myself. Robin made this process stress free and gave us in-depth expert explanations on things we did not understand. I would personally send anyone looking to get any sort safety net for yourself or family to give Robin a call!
10:48 13 Jan 23
The staff at Panichelle insurance go above and beyond. Nationwide has been my insurance company for decades. Whenever I contact the office Taylor is knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for making insurance an enjoyable experience.
Braiden BiancoBraiden Bianco
23:42 12 Jan 23
Every need was met without any hassle, Taylor was fantastic
Robert DolanRobert Dolan
15:54 12 Jan 23
It is always a pleasure to deal with Taylor at Progressive. She has been very patient with me. That is so important when you get to be a bit advanced in years.
Aaron GladAaron Glad
21:28 12 Dec 22
Kyla and Taylor did an amazing job! They were able to find me a 30% savings with additional coverage.
Hollie HilesHollie Hiles
19:53 02 Sep 20
I have been going through Mr. Panichelle for insurance for four years now and have never had an issue. His team is amazing and kind, especially Taylor, not to mention their quick responses to emails/phone calls. If you're looking for insurance, look no further.

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