It’s time to start thinking about common fall injuries, as the days get shorter and the leaves start to change color, fall presents more risks to homeowners. There are a number of possible risks, including animal-related damage and slick-road accidents. Although insurance cannot stop accidents, it can lessen your financial burden in the event of a loss.

Here at Panichelle Insurance we produced a list of the most frequent insurance claims during the fall to better equip you.

Animal Collisions

Deer are no longer only found in country areas. These creatures can be found in densely populated places as development encroaches on their native habitats, especially if food becomes more limited. Always buckle up since colliding with a huge animal can be just as hazardous as colliding with another vehicle. Watch for deer, raccoons, foxes, and coyotes at dawn and dusk as these times are when animals are typically more active. Between October and December is when most wildlife-related mishaps seem to happen.

Accidental Damage in Parking Lots Increases

Parking lots have more cars in them as customers rush to locate the newest discounts on the hottest things in the run-up to the holidays, so it makes perfect sense that there is also an increase in claims for damage from parking lots. To decrease the chances of a parking lot accident, park in the back of the lot away from other cars. 

Frozen Pipes Leading to Water Damage

This fall, it’s crucial to keep in mind that anything with a water supply runs the risk of freezing when the temperatures drop. Burst pipes are expensive enough, but when you factor in the harm that water may do to your home’s structure, your possessions, and heaven-forbid it occurs above the first floor, water damage can be an expensive claim on your home insurance policy. Keep an eye on the weather and be sure to insulate your pipes by wrapping them outside at the source. To prevent water from freezing up inside of your pipes, you can also leave a tiny trickle of water running from your sink, shower, and bathtub.

Protect Yourself from Fall Accidents 

Whether you are looking for cost-effective insurance for basic needs like homeowners and automobile insurance, or something more specialized, such as insurance for RVs, motorcycles or boats, your Panichelle agent can help you protect your assets without breaking your budget. Contact Panichelle Insurance today at 724-327-2600, for all of your insurance needs.  

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