Animal Mortality Insurance

What is Animal Mortality Insurance? 

A form of life insurance for livestock, zoological, and domesticated animals. This normally covers death from any cause (with some exceptions), as well as voluntary destruction for humane reasons. Also available on a named perils basis. 

Do I need Animal Mortality Insurance? 

Many different types of businesses rely on animals for income, including farms, ranches, zoos and aquariums. Businesses  may experience significant losses in the event of the theft or death of one or more of their animals. If you rely on your animals for income, then you need Animal Mortality Insurance. 

What does Animal Mortality Insurance cover? 

Most insurance policies will cover all risk of mortality. This means if your animal dies of accidental death (sickness/killed by an accident). This will NOT cover intentional or economic slaughter. Animal Mortality Insurance may cover theft, however, this is not always the case.  

What is the cost of Animal Mortality Insurance?

Unfortunately, there is no set cost for this type of insurance. The prices vary based on the value of the animals. Cost is based on the animal sex, age, and value of the animal.

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