Winter Sports & Ski insurance

Insurance for winter sports can cover a variety of activities with varying levels of danger. However, policies for adventurous travelers may still have a list of excluded activities. Coverage for skiing, for example, is included within most policies. On the other hand, coverage for extreme sports or adventure activities, such as heli skiing or ice climbing, is much less common to be included.

What is covered when you are skiing or snowboarding?

Equipment – Whether you rent your equipment from the resort or you own it, make sure it is covered. Insurance will cover the skis, poles, boots, boards and helements.

Ski Passes – If for some reason you have a ski pass and you lose it or it is stolen, your insurance will pay for the unused portion of that pass. However, this all depends on the value of the time that was lost or stolen. 

Accidents Did you get hurt on the slopes? Emergency bills can be just as painful as your injuries. This is when your ski insurance can help soften the blow. 

Delays or Cancelations – Maybe a bad weather storm delayed your skiing or cancelled the ski trip all together. No worries with Winter insurance you are covered! 

Whether you need coverage for your gear, trip interruption/cancellation coverage, or medical expense coverage, Panichelle Insurance has you covered. 

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