How to Switch Car Insurance to Panichelle Insurance

Looking for a new firm can help you find a policy that better suits your needs. You might find a reduced premium, more coverage alternatives, more discounts that you qualify for, or previously unavailable services. Here’s how to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Making the switch to a new company – Once you’ve decided to switch to Panichelle Insurance, purchase your new policy and confirm it’s active. Once you have proof of insurance from us, contact your previous insurance company to cancel your policy. Do not allow your auto insurance coverage to lapse. Whether you opt to transfer your policy to a new carrier or re-up with your present insurer. Car insurance companies are on the lookout for gaps in coverage, and even the tiniest of lapses could result in a penalty. Another factor to consider is that driving without automobile insurance is prohibited in practically all circumstances in the United States.

Ask about cancellation fees and refunds – Ask your existing insurer about any fees or possible returns up front. Many providers allow you to cancel at any time without charge, however some may impose a fee if you cancel in the middle of your policy.

If you switch before your policy expires, you may be eligible for a refund. If you pay for six-months of insurance but switch after four months, your insurer should repay you for the remaining two months of coverage (minus any potential cancellation fee).

What to do after switching car insurance policies – If you have a lease or loan on your car, notify your lease provider as soon as you switch insurance carriers. Most automobile leases and loans require you to have insurance, and if your loan company suspects you of canceling your coverage, it may try to repossess your vehicle or force you to obtain a new coverage.

Panichelle Insurance prioritizes our clients’ needs; if you’re ready to switch your auto insurance, please contact us today!

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