Western Pennsylvania Farmer Insurance

Farming and ranching is more than what you do, it’s who you are. And with Panichelle Insurance, we’ll provide coverage that protects everything you work hard for each day. Whether you’re a farmer who grows corn or a rancher who raises cattle, the land is your livelihood. And to keep a successful business running, you need the right protection for your property and its structures. That’s why we’ll help safeguard your farm or ranch with customizable coverage that lets you build a single, hardworking policy. Here are a few things you should know about Western Pennsylvania Farmer Insurance. 

When Do You Need Farmowners Insurance?

If you want to take farming seriously and make a profit out of it, then you need the right farmowners insurance coverage. A basic policy typically includes liability coverage, property coverage, and more. 

You need to modify this basic farm owners coverage according to the unique needs of your farm. By doing this, you can protect your livelihood. Talk to your insurance agent about the kinds of endorsements that are suitable for your farm, especially if farming becomes your full-time occupation.

Farm Insurance Coverage is Not Standard

A common misconception about farm insurance is that a policy is one big bundle of predetermined coverages. In reality, farm insurance policies have so many different aspects that there is no standard policy. Each farming operation is unique and a policy should be custom built for the needs of the farmer.

Farm Liability

Coverage here protects against any farm or personal liability legal action brought against the operation or individual. Examples include the following:

  • Farm equipment collision with vehicle
  • Farm animals getting out of the barn and ending up in the road
  • Spray drift (pollution liability)
  • Animal cruelty accusations

Make sure your limits are adequate. Base farm policies can include up to $1 million in coverage. Additionally, a farm umbrella can be purchased up to $10-20 million depending on the size of the operation. This will help to fill the gap and properly cover larger operations. Pollution liability needs to be endorsed on a standard farm plan. If you have the exposure, make sure you have the conversation with your agent, because limitations apply.

Ready to get farmers insurance? Please feel free to get a quote online right here or give our agents a call at (724) 327-2600. We are happy to assist where others can’t. 

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