A business owners’ policy (BOP) is one of the most important investments a business could make. Insurance may help protect property and other valuable items that could be lost or damaged if something unexpected happens. This sort of coverage may be recommended by insurance brokers, but understanding what it is and what it covers is essential. The following protections are normally included in a regular company owners’ insurance, with additional coverage available as an option.

Who Does a BOP Benefit?

If you operate a small business with less than 100 employees but have a lot of property and equipment, this could be the coverage for you. It is not intended for home-based firms, but it is a viable choice for companies with annual sales of less than $5 million.

Commercial Property

Whether you have property, several sites, equipment, machinery, or other items, this could be covered. 

General Liability

If someone is injured on your property, this can assist in payment for medical bills and/or property damage if one of your employees damages someone else’s property.

Business Income

Consider what would happen if you were unable to work at your main location due to an unanticipated fire or storm. This would assist pay for a new location if you had to relocate, or give a source of revenue if you had to temporarily close.

Commercial Vehicles

Do you have company automobiles or do you use your personal vehicle for business?

Furthermore, do you have staff that drive on behalf of your firm or who drive their own cars? Your interests will be safeguarded by commercial auto insurance. If your staff drive their own cars, you should have non-owner insurance in place to protect them as well as the company.

The options listed above are conventional coverage options for a BOP, but these extra options are also worth having or considering:

Crime Insurance

With the prevalence of theft, forgeries, and fraud, having crime insurance may assist safeguard your company in the case of a data breach, for example.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdown insurance might save you financially if you have a lot of equipment and machinery. This coverage protects all of your business’s equipment, including any computer equipment.

Accounts Receivable (A/R)

You won’t have to worry about cash flow concerns if you suffer losses from clients who don’t pay their invoices.This insurance will assist in covering those losses and ensuring the smooth functioning of your business.

For every type of business, there are extra coverage alternatives that can match your needs. Speaking with an insurance professional may assist you in determining what sorts of coverage choices should be included in a business owners’ policy to guarantee that your company remains operating all year. It’s critical to think of all of the possibilities in a BOP as a method to customize what you need. Your policy should be tailored to your sector and seek to save costs for you.
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