The Importance of Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is important because it is financial protection in case you get into a car accident and damage someone else’s vehicle or injure them. Car insurance can also protect your vehicle from damage caused by an accident or a different covered peril , like falling objects, fire, or theft.

If you do not have car insurance for you and your vehicle, depending on the state you live in, you could potentially be breaking the law. Driving without insurance could result in fines and license suspension. The purpose of having auto insurance is so you’re able to reimburse others for damage you may cause, and so you won’t get stuck paying out of pocket for the expenses from a car accident or a different kind of collision, like if you drive into a pole.

Depending on what type of coverage your car insurance contains, you could be protected from a variety of things including:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Animals on the road
  • Vandalism
  • Hail

I was in a car accident without insurance

If you’re in an accident and don’t have car insurance, depending on the state you live in you may face fines for not having insurance, plus additional fines if you’re ticketed for the accident.

The average cost of a car accident can be staggering – in 2017, the average insurance claim for bodily injury was $21,000 according to warriors for justice. If you don’t have auto insurance and you cause an accident, you could be liable for paying for all of the damages and injuries.

If you have auto insurance, your policy would cover the other driver’s medical bills and the cost to replace their car (up to your insurance policy limits). The law says that you’re liable for the damages done to another person and their property in a car accident you cause, so if you don’t have insurance and you can’t afford to pay for the other driver’s repairs and medical bills, you could end up in jail, or a court could decide to send a chunk of your paycheck every month to the person you hit.

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