Grilling Safety and Insurance

Nothing defines summer quite like a barbecue/cookout with friends and family. Millions of Americans safely enjoy outdoor barbecues, but accidents do happen. Ensure trouble-free summer cooking fun by maintaining your grill, using it safely and knowing what to do in case of emergency. 

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, about 5,700 grill fires take place on residential property every year, most caused by malfunctioning gas grills. These fires cause an annual average of $37 million in damage, 100 injuries, and 10 fatalities. In addition, thousands of people visit emergency rooms every year because they have burned themselves while barbecuing.

Grill Fires and Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Your homeowners policy will usually cover damage to your covered structures, such as the house and garage, if you do experience a grill fire. You’ll be required to pay up to your deductible, so small fires that cause only minor damage might not warrant submitting a claim.

In the instance of a grill fire spreading to your property, your homeowner’s insurance provides financial protection, as fire is a covered peril. 

A Standard Policy Covers:

  • Damage to the house itself
  • Damage to personal possessions, such as lawn furniture
  • Damage to insured structures on your property, such as a shed or gazebo
  • Injuries to a guest, under the liability portion of the policy

Of course, the best way to enjoy a summer of outdoor barbecues is to take steps to prevent accidents, and take fast action should any occur.

Grilling Safety Tips:

  • Clean the grill before each use to remove buildup of ash and grease from the grill and the tray below it.
  • Never leave a hot grill unattended.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing that could hang down in the flames and catch fire.
  • Use utensils that have long handles.
  • Let coals cool completely before you dispose of them.

Regardless of what kind of grill you have, it’s important to take safety precautions. Keep your home, family, and guests safe during your barbeque fun. Contact us today at