Backyard Ice Rink Insurance

A backyard ice rink can truly brighten up the winter months.

You can make your own rink with only a few things, including some timber, a plastic tarp, and a garden hose, and be the pride of the neighborhood. Of course, you’ll need to be prepared for the inevitable skate parties with the neighborhood youngsters.

That’s why you should think about more than just the project’s entertainment value – you should also think about the hazards that come with building and maintaining a backyard ice rink.

Building a skating rink in your yard is a liability risk.

A skating rink, like a swimming pool, raises the risk of someone being harmed on your property or causing damage to a neighbor’s. What if someone trips and falls and fractures their leg? What if your child accidentally shoots a puck through the glass of your next-door neighbor? What if your rink melts in the spring and floods your neighbor’s yard? Even if someone is injured while sneaking into your yard for a late-night skate, you may be held liable. This is why it’s critical to make sure your home insurance policy includes enough third-party liability coverage to protect you if you’re found accountable for an accident or property damage.

What else should you think about before building a rink?

When it comes to establishing a backyard rink, insurance should not be your sole confirmation. You should check with local officials to discover if any ordinances apply. Some communities have rules on where the rink may go, how long it can be up, and even how it’s built and maintained. Have additional questions about ice rinks and how you can protect yourself and others? Please contact Panichelle Insurance today at

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